3 Key trends that prove workflow automation is the key to combating poor employee experience.

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3 min readApr 8, 2022

Against the backdrop of ‘the great resignation,’ employers must deliver a first class experience for employees and clients — or risk losing them.

Across the board, research shows 91% of customers are more likely to continue to work with an organisation after a great service experience. This statistic stands no matter the industry or type of customer. From individual retail customers to global businesses. Even more telling, when customers experience delays and changes to deadlines, 70% will choose not to buy from the company again.

The relationship between employers and employees reflects similar trends. Employers must deliver a great experience for employees in those early stages or risk making a bad impression. This is especially true now, during a period of increased job jumping as HR and IT teams face a massive volume of onboarding.

The good news? Reports reveal 95% of business leaders are now actively prioritizing workflow automation in their organisations with a ‘better digital experience’ becoming an essential part of the toolkit in delivering on customer/ client expectation.

Below we’ve complied 3 trends that will continue to take off in the world of automation in Q2 of 2022:

1. Breaking down organizational silos

Complicated code has often been an issue when connecting different siloed data. You’ll often hear IT leaders claiming data silos leave organizations disconnected from the very data they need to understand their stakeholders, partners, and employees. Simple low-code automation with SharePoint based workflows bridges that divide with connectors and pre-determined work paths to stich processes and data together.

Breaking down those organizational silos means employees can deliver a smoother process to end point customers and cut down on time spent with traditional manual methods.

With 89% of full-time workers being more satisfied with their job due to automation. It seems automation is here to breakdown barriers to productivity and ultimately improve work life balance.

2. Automation means employees can create their own solutions

With 365, we can now build reusable components such as lists that anyone can use to automate processes, helping to remove blocks in the food chain across the organization. Reusing components and creating repeatable processes empowers regular employees to solve their problems and frees up IT and professional developers to focus on more complex needs.

Automation is helping everyone contribute to the streamlining of workflows. This can look like improving a quality management system with increased access controls and deadline reminders. It’s worth bearing in mind that even as more business teams use low code, skilled professional developers will always be required to scale automation.

3. AI and automation- a match made cloud heaven

Automation and AI are starting to work more closely together, and that trend will continue to grow. Reports suggest 78% of IT and engineering leaders either currently use or plan to use AI as part of their workflow automation initiatives.

AI provides that crucial last-mile effort in the automated workflow journey to turn insight into recommendation and get them into the right person’s hands at the right moment to make an impact or to take the correct action. This kind of AI impacts everything from governance and security to Customer service and consumer trends. A power couple you could say.

An undeniable force for good.

The pandemic has made our expectations of automation pretty high, we want streamlined, intuitive digital experiences. Employees embrace automation that removes friction from their day-to-day lives. And businesses are witnessing the impact on everything from productivity to employee and customer satisfaction to revenue.

Looking ahead, automation will lead to more dynamic applications built on the 365 platform- the likes of VIVA changing the next generation of user experiences. So the question is, how can we help your organisation embrace automation and use it to take your processes to the next level?



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