Environmental compliance, sustainability goals and strategy for the future: Using the M365 stack to promote a more protected planet

A Shift in Priorities

It’s a shift in organisational priorities that we’re seeing again and again. Considering the future and protecting the planet and its inhabitants/ environments just feels like the right thing to do, so now when manufacturing disasters happen and oil is on fire in the middle of the ocean or sewage is being pumped into the sea it is more detrimental to public perception than ever before.

Microsoft Partners are Building Solutions for a More Environmentally Resilient Future

There are countless ways in which organisations can minimise their negative impact on the environment, from implementing better ISO standards to replanting trees, the options are endless. This quarter, Microsoft have been focused on how physical buildings can be big contributors to a reduction in air quality, light pollution and carbon footprint. #BuildFor2030 is a campaign empowering customers to understand and better manage the environmental impact of their own buildings and spaces.

So how Konsolute are encouraging a cleaner future amongst our clients?

Helping our clients establish streamlined quality management systems with our ISO certified product means that standards such as 14001 are easily adhered to and enforced across organisations. Maintaining good environmental management, mitigating risk and reducing waste through standards is a great place to start when taking steps to clean up your carbon footprint.



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The Konsolute Team

The Konsolute Team


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