With reported cyberattacks increasing year on year, does modern legal practice need the cloud more than ever?

Is the Legal Sector Prone to Attacks?

By nature, legal data is highly confidential. Naturally this makes it a heavily targeted sector when it comes to cybercrime and security hacks. It’s been reported that 100% of the UK’s top 10 law firms suffered at least one phishing attack last year, with email breaches being one of the most frequently cited type of cyber-attack. This is more than likely a result of less face-to-face business transaction and an increase in emails being sent from unsecured locations.

The Only Way Forward for Hybrid Working

Maximising security whilst also keeping your workforce productive is vital for law firms moving forward. In remote working environments implementing a cloud set-up the provides users with the ability to access all their key data and legal applications in on environment is game changing. Using multifactor authentication on remote devices means work doesn’t have to stop just because location changes.

Prepare for the Inevitable

Even with the strongest fortress, it’s important to be proactive in your disaster recovery. Having a great strategy in place for if and when breaches do happen is something we encourage in clients handling sensitive data on a regular basis. By transitioning to a cloud hosted environment, client data is stored off-premise in data centres with enterprise level security. Utilising the cloud means that data is backed up and in the instance of damage to the office/property or a system crash, you don’t have to fear losing company information.

An Ally for a More Secure Future

Working closely with our consultants and migration specialists means the cloud and Microsoft 365 can become a key component in your data protection tool kit. Minimise risk and maximise billable hours to push forward no matter what the economic landscape looks like. Give us a message if you’re looking to transform your law practice.



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